This past May I took my 9 year old mixed breed gelding to dressage camp. He is normally very much a gentleman at home but is very herd-bound away from home, becoming frantic in a strange stall away from his buddies. He was getting dangerous when I was saddling him in his box stall. All the cross-ties were in use, and to be truthful, in his mental state I didn't think they would be a safe option to keep us from getting hurt. I remembered your "half-tap" and used it in his stall. In what seemed like just a few seconds (probably just a minute or two) he became quite calm and probably would have gone all the way down. I didn't need him to go down, just to relax, so I gently released his head and fussed over him with sugar and telling him what a good boy he was in my usual "praise" voice after a good ride, and he stayed calm and relaxed not only through the 45 minute lesson in a strange indoor arena with lots of other activity but also stayed calm and relaxed for the rest of the entire day and night!

When he started to get restive the next day, I used the half-tap again with the same results, and didn't need to use it at all for the final day of the camp and long trailer-ride home. It's a wonderful, kind solution for a nervous, sensitive horse with a not-very-bold rider/owner. Thank you!


I wanted to share an experience that I had today with my dear friend Newman a 16 3 hand off the track thoroughbred. I watched the tap for the first time last night. This morning I got a call from my friend that Newman was having a bad colic situation. When I arrived the vet was trying a procedure to flip his large intestine back over his spleen. Surgery was not an option. The vet was concerned that once he was drugged we would have no way to control which way he was to land and she wanted him to land on his left side. I thought to myself I can control the direction of his fall. I took his halter moved his head to the right and once he was wobbly enough remembered what you said about the horses front feet not being planted wide. I moved his feet in together and he gently landed on his left side.

The story did not end well for my pal Newman as the procedure did not work but it could have decided the outcome had the colic been less severe. I hope others will think of the TAP in similar situations. Thank you.

Mark F.


Thanks for sharing this (the TAP bonus videos - EDIT). Your is the ONLY purchase that continues to benefit me AFTER the sale.

Thanks a million



Hi Paul

It just gets better and better!

Since buying the download I have used the half tap too many times to count. You can't beat it for mounting problems, worming problems, head-shy horses and I've even used it to help apply medications. I've always taken the quiet but assertive route and have never been unsuccessful, but this is a much faster and much easier process for both me and the horse! Although I'm only in my mid 20's I've been around horses for 20 years and have seen a variety of methods for all sorts of problems. I've seen people try bully boy tactics to 'natural horsemanship' (and everything in between) and I have never seen or used myself anything so effective!

Best Regards



Hello again Paul,

You probably get thousands of emails about this type of thing but I'll add to the inbox because I'm so happy about how this went today. Thankfully this 2yr old Paint is used to being messed with. Getting her riding may be easier than dealing w/her lack of respect for my space. She is doing better & having the TAP now in my tool kit gives me more confidence that if she runs over me again on the ground she will be TAPPED.

May not need to actually do it, just knowing it is here helps me to relax and work with her more. Without further ado I'll attache the photos. Am using the 25yr old gelding's saddle & it fits the filly better than it does him. She is a tank! Thanks again for all of your videos, they help inspire me to get out there and work w/her. Afterall, she is a "deadhead" in comparison to the ones you get to work with :-)

Bye again, Becky


PD Jones

Paul, I while back I got your TAP videos & as an old cowboy I was kinda skeptical but I run across a snorty colt the other day & tried it. Your method worked great & I consider your videos money well spent!!
P D Jones

Stephenie, Oklahoma

Hey Endo,

I have been meaning to write you and tell you thank you for letting me in on your TAP training technique. I still can't believe my luck about learning about about your TAP from a friend and then finding out you would be coming to give a demo so close to my house. My husband was still a sceptic after the demo - but I knew were you were coming from right off and knew eventually my DH would figure it out LOL. I just wish you would have drawn a better horse to demonstrate with in Missouri but, oh well.

Well finally this winter my husband got it. After almost being rolled on and dropped on(well, I am sure you get were I am going here) by a problem horse we had in training he decided to give a try. After all it really wasn't the horses fault completely more the owner that raised him like a pet. He decided to TAP this goober, I mean what did he have to loose right<grin>? Well, he TAPped him like a pro(you would have been proud) and all we can is WOW! It was good he had this horse to try this on and that he was able to try both his and your method and see how quickly and calmly the horse responded. The horse that was about to go home as a flunky is now becoming a very respectable trail mount that his owners can be proud of. So, I just thought I would share this with you and give you a Big Thank You !!!!

Stephenie in Oklahoma

Radha discovers how the TAP can be used to "reboot" a horse

I got a call the other day from a woman who had spent two hours trying to get this horse loaded, had tried "everything". So I thought I would just Tap him before I even tried to argue with him. Luckily he went down in about 2 minutes. He stayed down for about 10 minutes, totally out, got up and marched right in the trailer. Everyone looked at me like I had just walked across water and I have to admit it was pretty cool (as the Tap always is).

See Radha executing the TAP beautifully and with good results on an anxious mare:

Mark F., USA
I had to write to thank you and encourage you to keep posting, in case you need any encouragement :)

I used the full tap on one horse that I am training and within 10 minutes she was down and laying there. I spent about 5 minutes petting her reassuring her that she was fine and then let her up and immediately fed her. I was amazed, shocked, and thrilled that this worked that fast the FIRST TIME I used it. 2 other Parelli followers where there and they could not believe their eyes. Once she stood up she was calm stayed by me with her head low licking her lips.

Always glad to endorse a product that works well. I am skeptical by nature and this technique is definitly one that I will have in my bag of tricks to use when appropriate. Tomorrow it is off for a nice long trail ride, one of the other people now wants me to work with her horse that has a bucking problem (hmm sounds like I should try tap on the owner not the horse) - keep the posts coming!

P., Australia
A few months ago we bought from you your tap drive. I had a big chunk Donkey with an attiitude when it came to foot handling - Had been taught as a foal but if he didn't feel like it that day - it was 'game on' a problem I could do without. Tap-put him in a wholly different frame of mind about allowing his hoofs to be lifted and having a more serene air allover. Does this work on teenages too? Good on you- and thanks for sharing.

Phyllis, Florida, USA
Paul, I would like to tell you how remarkable even your half-tap is. I have a two year old TB filly who sent my daughter to the trauma unit with a swift kick to the chest. She "has my number" to say the least, although she hasn't hurt me herself, and at times it seems like being friends with the devil. Worming time, she pulled all the tricks out. This little gal can look 17h when she is looking to get her way. She said, "This isn't going to happen, lady." Using your simple instructions of a half-tap, I stuck the end of the wormer in her mouth and pushed the plunger. She didn't blink an eye or move one foot. She was a docile as a lamb. Afterward, she looked at me a little bewildered and said, "What just happened?" I was so impressed that she was so gentle, I went to put the remaining "dab" of wormer in her mouth (that move all Moms have to do with their kids) and she threw her head back up as she had done before ready for battle. This proved to me beyound doubt, that it was nothing short of a miracle called the "half-tap" that saved me a small fortune of a vet call to worm an unruly youngster. This simple manuever even ensured my safety while I was in the paddock performing the procedure. Thank you Paul for discovering the most important horseman tool of this century.

KAZ, Wisconsin, USA
I don't have any starter horses in my barn so don't need to use the full tap (yet!). But the half tap has become indispensable. My boarder's big Thoroughbred was notorious for pitching a fit whenever oral meds are administered. The first time I used the half tap before giving a paste wormer--the same horse was as meek as a lamb and medicine went down the hatch without a hitch. I've also used it on one of my Thoroughbreds when riding if he starts running a little too hot. This is a wonderful, simple to use tool for soothing and calming horses. I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and mentoring.

Jen, South Carolina, USA
Who says you can't teach an old horse new tricks....

All I wanted to do was to start riding my horse again after not riding for about two years so I thought I would check the internet (YouTube) just to see what was out there. Well, there you were. You had this unbelieveable 6 part video series on colt starting. I watched that. Then more video's with problem horses. I watched them. Then I found myself watching them all over and over again. I've managed several hunter/jumper barns, been known to ride the horses no one else would, been exposed to the race track way of doing things (breaking babies), started a few myself, so I consider myself somewhat experienced with horses. Your approach and your method is truely amazing!!!

How exciting is was to get and watch "The Tap" and "Half Tap" downloads. I do have a confession to make. I had already tried it (the half tap) on my 28 year old Smokie about 3 weeks ago (confident) I would have no problems. Of course after watching your videos nine hundred and fifty thousand times (ha ha), having Smokie's teeth floated and him totally vet checked, I had to try it. I explained to the vet what the "Tap" was. I was a little leary because of his age but because he's in good shape the vet gave us an "all systems go".

For 21 years he's never stood still while getting his girth tightened or while your trying to mount. He did better than I thought when I tightend the girth but when I started hopping next to him or acting like I was getting ready to mount the ears went back, he stomped his front foot and flung his head around at me. He took steps to the side, his head would fly up, he'd back up, you name it, he was just not happy with the fact that I was getting on his back. I thought this would be a great time to take your "Half Tap" out of my tool box, as you say, and give it a try. I rolled right into step 1 and he took about 10 steps back (very fast) and I stuck with him. He stopped short, and just stood. I knew I had him. You can feel when it's right. I held him for about a minute and a half, eased up on the hold, (didn't let go) and began to mount again. Nothing..Nothing. He stood there. I released my reins and I climbed all over him. So far he"s been a really good boy. What a difference!

I just want to thank you for giving these horses you have a good start, without aggression, unlike other methods used out there and horses deemed unmanageable a second chance.
This is a tool all owners, breeders, and trainers could definitly benefit from if it were given a chance. Think of the horses off the track in rehab. This tool/method/approach could possibly cut the rehab of these horses in half and in a forever home so much sooner.

Thank you again and again for doing what you do, answering all of my crazy questions, every time, and for giving me a safer horse and the confidence needed to start riding again. I'll send you some videos soon to let you see how we're doing.

Ride safe...!!!

Denise, Arizona, USA
ello Guv'na,

Jeesh.. has it already been a year since I successfully Tapped my mare. Had it not been for you I never would've gotten Bella over her "Oh No Don't Touch Me There Spot!" I'm proud to report Bella still has the "cleanest teets in town" (hee hee). I was so nervous about Tapping her since I was a complete greenie and she was a stubborn to Tap. You're right when you say those older horses can be set in their ways and once they have their front feet planted far apart they are in it for the long haul.

Good thing your videos gave precise instructions or I'da never been able to tap her. It really was like a slow motion dream, when she went down. She lifted her head and I gently pushed it back down. Bella just laid there and moaned, when I rubbed her all over her body. Those moans weren't from pain, but like the moans we make when getting a nice massage. It felt like I was in a dream because I never expected to actually be successful Tapping her. I didn't think I had enough horse experience for this technique, but I had to try sumthing. Crusty filthy nasty teets are not a good thing! I knelt over Bella stroking and rubbing her.. of course my chin was quivering and I was crying like a baby. You know I love Bella with a passion and it just felt incredible to be so close with her. I was a little nervous when I first started touching her sensitive spot.In the past she kicked sumthin' awful, when she felt my hand approach her teets.I swear she even growled a time or two.

After "spooning" with her (hee hee), I quickly went to work on her teets. There I was crouched down by her back legs. Good thing the neighbors weren't watching or they'd thought I was scrubbing to prepare her for intricate surgery. I sure wished I'da had a tooth brush.. dang, those teets where filthy.During this whole desensitizing episode, Bella never did move a muscle.

After a couple minutes I thought, "Hmmm.. now what am I gonna do with you?"I had a problem riding her bareback because she always wanted to take off with me. Since she was so relaxed I thought I'd sit on her, like I saw you do in your videos. Then I grabbed the reins and smooched to her. Bella's head came up and the rest of her body followed. It was the most amazing feeling sitting on her, while she was laying down and then rising with her. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was to me. I gave a little forward thrust with me hips and off she walked quietly. I thought it was a fluke and at any moment she'd try to trot off with me, like always. Bella never did.. we walked around the arena for several minutes, she was so calm.

Do you remember the email I sent you? "I TAPPED HER.. I TAPPED HER.. I TAPPED HER!"I don't know who was more excited me or you. We all have experiences in our lives that we will never forget and this definitely tops my list. Thank you for giving me the tool that allowed me to have this incredible experience with my horse.

Thank You so much for the TAP! I have a 13hh welsh pony that was downright dangerous for the farrier. He used to require heavy sedatives and a lip chain to have his feet done. He would kick, strike and just generally be a monster. This last time we Tapped him before having his feet done and he stood like a dream, no chain or drugs needed. It was like a whole different pony! THANK YOU!

T., UK

Hi. Received the Flash Drive this morning. Thanks.

To say that personally, I believe the Tap has the potential to revolutionize both the breaking-in & rehabilitation of all equines, is an understatement! Gentler, more effective and certainly far safer than any method I've ever practiced or seen.

Today brought an opportunity (& more importantly, a need) to test both my (any?) skills, and "The Tap". Any doubters out there who wonder whether "it" works on the lesser-bred of the species ... rest assured, it does! A very fit, poorly broken-in, pig-ignorant, hard-as-nails, bully of a Fell Pony (15.1) Native breed to Cumbria, (UK) today ran into The Tap! Oh yes!! It works fine enough. We now have a horse with a completely different outlook upon life & his position within the world. He's HAPPY

Thanks Endo. Good luck, you deserve to earn your fortune! lol

Lindsay, equine professional, USA

Half-tap - great day! Fantastic day under saddle day for both my horses. I have an elderly lady who likes to ride my Moriesian a few times a week. I'm very tall so I have no need for mounting blocks and I never trained her to stand next to one. Needless to say she's a wiggly 4yr old dumb-blood next to one.

Today, Half-tapped at the mounting block, problem instantly solved. No wiggling and it allowed for my elderly friend to take her time, get her balance and mount up without an issue.

Goliath had more half-taps too. Apparently the new fence posts I put in were scary today and so I decided our goal involved standing next to one and letting me put my hand on it. I tried the Clint Anderson de-spook method first as a test. "Keep the horses feet moving!" Circles circles circles. 15 min of those and the fence post was just as scary and he'd blow at it. Half-tap time. He got nice and sleepy to the point I didn't even need rein pressure, he was just snoozing away with his head to the side. I woke him up and voila! Walked right up to that fence post and put my hand on it. I came back to that same post after I finished his work out and it still wasn't scary.

How could you have gotten flack from people? This is a great training tool and it's so humane and puts their mind in a state they can actually think instead of react to a situation.

What can I say, I'm your biggest fan.

Karel, horse trainer and breeder, Belgium

Hi Master Paul, The TAP happened today on midday 12 o'clock I hung a big paper on my shop-door saying "CLOSED" but I'll be BACK in 15 Minutes !!! I had to try, I became mad without trying it, it was clear on my mind so I went to the field, took one of the worst little Arabs I have (she always lays dawn her ears (angry) and bite children, so she became my first experiment)

Master Paul, I can assure you, within 30 seconds she went down - only with 2 times struggling and then she get down, with her head up, then I pull smoothly the rain exactly as your movie, and there she was, fully down on the ground I kept her there for a minute and relaxed smoothly the head and body , she said rrrrrrrrr..and was fully relaxed, then I put her leg forward (as shown in your movie) and then the 2nd leg and up she goes, totally relaxed and extremely friendly (no more angry).

So this was the most amazing 2 minutes ever since I started working with horses. (for me it was not realistic to lay down a not trained Arabian since they can be very nervous) - My whole life I work with Arabians, for pleasure, endurance, outbacking, and of course grass-clipping lol.. I read Books, saw movies, and went to clinics, but the TAP is the end and beginning. Your unique TAP system is the key to enter DIRECTLY into to the horse's brain. One thousand million thanks !!!!!!!


Am enthralled, stunned & gobsmacked! Oh! and utterly impressed.

My history (long) is of working for/with a dealer of Irish (primarily) horses since a kid. The people I worked for were of strong gypsy background, who were sheer horsemen, who really indoctrinated me with/to an understanding of horses (blah, blah, blah) but "properly!" ie kindly ..... and with their permission (the horses) NO BLACK BEAUTY stuff !

What has absolutely caught my imagination of all of this has been my memories of upon at least 3 or 4 occasions, (that I can recall) whilst breaking-in/backing, the horse has inexplicably what we called "laid down" We didn't understand this at all ........ we assumed "submission" and continued ...... at a better rate and success, we understood that much! It was known that "this" happened sometimes, and was good/effective ....

And 40 years later, I now know/understand what I think was perhaps occurring. I think I have posted that my thoughts of "The Tap" are revolutionary. I believe that they are actually, evolutionary. I am stunned, amazed and totally pleased that you have crossed my path.

Arthur, Australia

I got the flash drive the other day and am absolutely delighted by the information. I have been in the industry for over 20 years and thought that I had seen and tried everything relating to horses but this is a very powerful tool that I have already put to good use. I have laid horses down in different ways over the years but used that tool only in extreme cases since it usually involved ropes and straps etc. which could end up in disaster if you are not very careful or a very lengthy time frame to retrain the horse. Your method is easy and stress free, getting results instantly.

Phaedra, Australia

Just a quick note to thank you... My "psycho" OTTB and I are best of friends and I took your personal advice and let him pick the pace... which is now a rocking chair style canter!! Can't believe I have gone from nervous wreck, too scared to ride him.. to looking like a pro and might I add, the only horse owner in my neighbourhood who actually RIDES their horse.

They all told me... Parelli him, lunge him, groundwork, groundwork, and one even suggested camamile tea (for serious bucking problems!) ROFL! All my progress has been attained by using the half tap, twice. Never a single buck since, beautiful manners, and as my VET said, "one of the most giving and trying horses he has witnessed in a long time".

If you check your records, I first wrote to you just 2 and half months ago. I have not needed a trainer, or bought any expensive videos - I am SO EXCITED, I want to go into this for a living!! Let me know when ENDO Equestrian Centers for 'problem horses' are coming to Australia, and I will be first to sign up! Thanks Mate...

R. Higgins

Hi there! I bought your Tap instructions a while back and have successfully tapped a dozen or so horses. The mare that I originally bought the tap instruction for has made a 180. I had started her a few months ago and she had been a little difficult from the word go. Well, she got into this habit of bucking when she heard or saw anything that distracted her. And when she'd feel me pick up the reins so she couldn't get her head down she would slam on the brakes and rear. It was quite comical actually, though we were making NO progress, if anything it was getting worse.

So, I tap her, get on, and she's perfect. I tap her at the beginning of the week, it takes her about a minute to go down and then she is quite for the rest of the week. Your tap has really opened a new world for me and helped the horses I work with tremendously. Thank you so much!

I. V., USA

The flashdrive arrived & I watched it several times. Not "slick", Endo goes right to the point. No "salami technique" of feeding slivers of info to make you buy ANOTHER round of incomplete training info (can you tell I've been burned elsewhere?). Not designed to addict you to a "program" to keep you strung out for level after level/year after year. I won't TAP my horses just to see if I can do it (they love to lie down), but I'm very pleased to have this tool for the future. Thanks Endo!

Thank you everybody! Please don't hesitate to send your feedback or questions.

To the top!