Rachel, Spain

Hello Paul ,my name is Rachel Mackie and I have been a follower and admirer of you ever since I found you, by chance, on youtube about a year ago. You make my day !! and the trouble you take to make the vids and put the great music up is tremendously appreciated and I started a blog site called Alpuequus (we live in the beautiful mountain region in southern spain called the Alpujarras) and I spread your name and work to other horse people here, of all nationalities, all of whom are interested in non violent, and especially your no messing work with horses.

Never been taught about horses I just made my own way with them as I hated the stiff look of the British I read a lot and when I came here in '81 I picked out the rough horses which were the only ones I could afford, all abused , so I have learned a lot over the last twenty five years working with them to rehabilitate them into my noble riding horses.Right now I have a late starter Appaloosa with a buck in him .I used to be able to do the swing up but I feel too old now at 55 with a horsing inflicted groin injury to boot !I am still trying though ...

I don't do horses for a living, I am an artist and jeweller ,so horses are more my passion and always were .So, cut a long story short .. I just wanted to say thankyou from my boot soles up, and send you all the best from Spain and say that you deserve to be recognised by the entire horseworld!

You make me laugh too, which is a first ! horsemen are usually pretty serious and stuffy...You are the BIZ ! Keep up your amazing work and may the World see you for the genius you are. Saludos ! Rachel


Thank you SO MUCH for the TAP files. This is wonderful! And I promise I will NOT share the link or the files with anyone. Sharing the files would be theft, in my opinion. As Daddy used to say, "A man deserves to get paid for his work," and you MORE than deserve it!

The only problem for you, is that "Natural Horsemanship" sounds catchy, and "touchy-feely" and has everybody's imagination. Your work is scary to people, you don't have cutesy-poo terminology, and you actually lay one down! YIKES! Never mind that Parelli has one that lies down. You might be hurting the horse! Oh, poor baby, etc

Did you know the most common breed of horse in America today? The "Baby Don't," as in, "Baby, don't kick the farrier. Baby, don't kill the vet," etc.

As for the Natural Horsemanship people, remember the "Leopard reclining on clouds" and some sort of other frankly, bull hockey terms by Linda Tellington-Jones on the TTouch method.It may, indeed, work, but I can't handle the cutesy-poo terminology, so I wouldn't know.

Your work is for serious horsemen/women, which, unfortunately, are severely in the minority, so unfortunately, it's less lucrative than "the Games you play with your equine companion."

Not one of 'em can hold a candle to you, in my opinion. I have raised, loved and trained horses for, well, more years than I will admit to. I have shown at the highest levels in QH shows, been many times State Champion and placed at the QH and Palomino World show on horses I trained myself. I have stood 2 stallions to the public, and retrained many "problem" horses that had talent, but had been abused, or something had made them unsuccessful. I was quite successful with retraining them. I have only had to "lay down" 2 horses, but it was with ropes, and I realize now the value of TAP and how it could have helped both me and my horses prior to this. Several years ago, I sold my farm, and I am now down to 2 very talented horses.

I agree, Natural Horsemanship is often too weak, and "old school" too strong.

I also feel really stupid. Last year, I was working with a very bright, very recalcitrant filly. A couple of times, she acted exactly like the horses on the film, starting down in the front end, etc. Silly me, I thought she was "sulling up" so I made her stand up! Now, I realize I accidentally "tapped" her! I guess it ended up as a "half TAP." I soon had the filly working well, but now I guess a lot of it was due to the "half tap." The minute I saw your TAP on youtube, I realized what I had done with the filly, and had to laugh at myself.

Again, my heartfelt thanks and fulsome praise. I don't know how you figured this out, but it's great. I saw the video on the rearing horse, that you made stand in one spot after he finished rearing. I've probably tried all the tricks of the trade for rearing---except what you did, which is just astounding.

I once broke a horse of balking, by stopping him just before he balked, making it my idea to stop, and standing still til I decided to leave, and repeating the process, til he gave that up. I'd NEVER thought of that with a rearing horse! You are AMAZING! Congratulations, too, on your vaulting ability. Great job.

I apologize for length of e-mail, but this discovery was just so terrific, I couldn't stop!

Sincerely, Charese

Sam, Ohio
A friend got me on to your videos and i just wanted to tell you I think you are fantastic. I am a fourth generation horseman/woman (woman in my case obviously, lol) and I train show jumpers for a living. In addition my father was a veterinarian and did most of his work on the tracks. I am very familiar with the strong old school methods and the ups and downs of the horse industry. It's very refreshing to see a kind and realistic approach to horsemanship.

It's amazing to me that you would receive any criticism for your methods, especially from those who think you are too harsh! That's laughable to me.

I think it's also unfortunate that people attack the racing world as if it's the only sport with a dark side. As a trainer I know too much about the inner workings of the show jumping world and what many people do to try to win. Aside from abusive training methods, trainers inject their horses with tons of meds to alter their energy level (drugs that are not even meant to be used for that purpose). Drugs that lead to foundering and even death. Not to mention the hour or more lunge the horse gets daily so the owner can ride it. And when these horses break down they have their client buy a new one- another commission for them. So I can't help but laugh when people think you hurt the horses' back by swinging on!

People really need to open their minds a little. In any case, I wanted to thank you for putting these videos up. Not only are they inspirational and educational but they are totally hilarious. As well as the actual video, the comments and your responses are absolutely priceless. "I've only been riding for 2 weeks but I've watched Black Beauty 4.5 times, " left tears in my eyes! How you keep your calm is beyond me.

You have so much to offer, I hope you continue with your work. I'm sure you have many friends in the states but if you ever decide to put yourself out there more, hit me up, I'd be more than happy to help if I can. Hope to see more of you soon.


Jean, Northern California
Hi Paul - you're a breath of fresh air!
Found you while watching some carriage driving vids on YT. I'm jazzed by your work and have to comment. I wonder how many are deceived by how simple you make what you do seem. And it is simple in essence and yet, not that simple at all for most humans to totally access (the horses of course, get it sweet and clear).
The implicit ability you have to read the horses and the horses read of your intention (reminds me much of Tom Dorrance) is not spelled out in the videos and without this exceptional rapport i wonder if most horses would go along as easily. Of course being made of solid velcro may have something to do with the outcome too LOL!

AND then, of course. The TAP !! BRILLIANT !! A tremendous gift to all horsedom, is that a word? How often have I thought if I could only pick them up and lay them down quietly and hold them for a bit how much it would change their perception of the relationship. I train dressage and carriage horses and i believe that in many cases the Tap may prove an excellent tool when I can use it well.
i won't use the running 'W" so many old driving trainers use. Too brutal, too much damage .
I've practiced the Tap after watching all the vids on line on a little Halflinger mare who's a rather impervious sort. She is quite a fighter and has always gone down though practiced several coubettes from the ground up before finally laying flat. She is also more like trying to lay down a solid block rather than a filigree rectangle if you know what I mean LOL.

Seems like you just go directly to where the horse is at in the moment in the simplest way possible instead of the horse having try to figure out a barrage of complicated,scary and/or frustrating new human ideas and gear it know nothing about. You've also usually gone in, done your work, and are sailing along smooth before you've lost the horse's mind.
Your work reminds me of Haiku.
Thank You Thank You Thank You for your willingness to share with us !

BTW Billy Linfoot's brother 'Wes' was my farrier when I was growing up - aging my self here ")

Howard J.
Paul, thank you very much for making one of your tools available. And for making so much of your approach to handling and training viewable on youtube. Very interesting. I think that your approach is the next logical step in the evolution of training/communication of equines. Just watching your videos has made me re-think my approach.

Julie G., California, USA
If you are looking for something new, different and exciting, with just a touch of humor, I would invite you to seek out Paul Williamson "Endospink" or "Hybrid Horsemanship". Paul Williamson is an extremely qualified and truly gifted trainer of Thoroughbred race horses in Japan.

What Mr. Williamson accomplishes with his horses is nothing short of being truly amazing and extremely entertaining to observe. In all my experience with horses and professional trainers I have never witnessed anything like the methods used by Paul Williamson. Mr. Williamson employs the best features of 'natural horsemanship', good common sense, and a skilled level of communication with horses, combined with personal riding skills that put Mr. Williamson in a class of his own. Although working with Thoroughbreds destined for the race course's of Japan, Mr. Williamson teaches the horses much more than running and making right turns. H is horses go on to their careers sensible, sound, and very manageable. A true gift for the trainers that will complete the training for the horses careers on the tracks of Japan.

The method that Mr. Williamson has perfected, namely his signature "TAP", is a proven tool for horseman the world over regardless of breed or discipline. Take a few minutes and visit the Youtube Channel "Endospink" and browse through Mr. Williamson's numerous video postings there. You shall, I guarantee, be just as impressed with what comes directly from Paul's heart with the horses, as many thousands of other viewers have been.

I cannot thank Paul Williamson enough for sharing his talent and insights with the horse community at large. The horses lucky enough to be touched by this exceptional trainer, I am quite sure, thank Mr. Williamson also.

Pam, Philadelphia, USA

I would just like to thank my computer for opening up the world to me. I have witnessed some of the best riders/trainers on here and the videos that impressed me the most, are the ones by Endospink. I've been around horses my whole life, so Ii do know a little about this subject. I am also one of the fortunate ones to have been able to have talked with Paul. He's not a typical trainer, as, he is a "real" person on the inside. He exudes confidence in what he does, therefore getting the results. If anyone doubts his technique, then your mind is closed. I have used the half-tap, and it does work. I am writing this to thank Paul for sharing his work with us and I wish him the best. I know his future will be bright. your friend Pam

I've made it through a quarter of your videos and I just wanted to complain that your videos are really impacting the quality and quantity of my housework. Just kidding, I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and keep making videos. I love the music you put with your videos as well. I was compelled to send you kudos after reading all the uneducated comments on your videos. I used to work with horses, but now I show dogs and I used to groom them for a living. Don't worry, there are as many uneducated dog owners as there are horse owners. I can sympathize with having to defend you methods.

Wishing you success in all your ventures.

M., Denmark
I'm a 23 year old girl from Denmark, and I found your videos here on YouTube by coincidence - I'm sure glad I did!

I've been riding other people's horses on and off since I was 6, but I think I've learned the most during the last 3 years especially due to the Internet and the effective spreading of useful information there, but also because my attitude towards riding and training has become humble and therefore progressive - I'm not afraid to aknowledge my errors or to learn from the best in the industry - you're included here.

Your techniques and methods are truly astonishing, and I've never seen anything like it. I'm just taking it all in and I really enjoy studying your videos, because I think they contain a lot of important information and knowledge. I hope every horseman/woman will know you and be inspired by you in the future, and I'm certainly looking forward to getting my hands on your DVD!

Keep up your good and important work.

Jessica F.
I find your training methods absolutely FASCINATING and would love you study with you.

I've always been 'that person' who will get on anything and 'make it work.' I don't get why people are so amazed about me fixing their horses problems...I've always just had a knack for getting how the animals think. I have learned, however, to require 2 lessons following retraining simply because most horse problems are actually rider problems. Go figure.

I have been looking for a kinder way to break youngsters, and it looks as if you have it down. Even if you don't want someone to study with you, being able to talk to you about your methods would be amazing.

Thank you so much!

Jean, Seattle, USA
As a subscriber to your channel on youtube, I find your relationships you've formed with these beauitful horses AMAZING! What a wonderful and precious gift you give to these horses; who otherwise might have a tougher method of training (or worse). Again, I am a HUGE fan of yours. Keep up the good work, all your fans will be watching!

Claire, UK
I would like to say your methods are amazing! I'm old school who took up Parelli. Then I hit a wall of not finding the inbetween (the coffee bit as you put it), but I can see it with you. Great work!

Hey Paul. I see you from time to time on horse city and got to your website from there. Kudos to what you do. Youre an amazing horseman and rider. I love watching your videos and looking at all the pictures you posted. You inspire me to become a better rider, oh and to be able to get on a horse without a saddle. LOL

I am a natural horsemanship type of person, I know, I know, but seriously if I could ride like you I would just jump on too. Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, I have lots of time to break my horses as they are my own and I dont get paid for it. So it may take me a few weeks to break my horse but I get the job done.

So again, Kudos to you. Keep making them videos, I have to have something to entertain me whilst Im at work. LOL

I've been an avid viewer of Paul's videos (which he so graciously shares with us!) since he hit the web. I find it very refreshing that a trainer is willing to share information - not only in the form of videos, but in taking the time to answer any questions asked of him. Far too often, asking why a certain excersize is done is treated as a ridiculous question. To top it all off, it is quite obvious that he cares deeply for his horses.

Thank you.

"Hybrid Horsemanship" - aaaaah yes FINALLY found someone who actually "gets it"..... LOVE IT - I watch with baited breath for the next installment! mind if i coin that term for my website??? (and can't wait for the DVD!) being EX-Parelli (LOOONG story) and for want of a better term - we have always called it "natural horse handling" - just meaning "pure horse psychology" and 'without extraneous equipment'........ and with NO anthropomorphising!!! my pet hate....keep up the good work!

one day when (if) i grow up i want to be you (but pink ain't my colour...) Enjoyed your vids.So many methods these days Parelli, Monty,Mark Rashid all much the same.You clearly get a tune out of yours. The folk that triumph NH now seem to be more interested in making money & flogging DVD's, savvy sticks, head collars I find it most irritating.

Endo keep up the good work!

All of your videos are informative, easy to comprehend and enjoyable. You very wonderfully blend humor, direction, education, and wit in a warm hearted, and endearing way. TY for showing people willing to open their eyes that N/H is not all that and a box of chocolates that one needs a bit of common sense and old school approach to things when dealing with over a 1000# mad as h*ll beast which has gotten some one else's number more times then is not the case.. Horses are prey animals you show people that you don;t need to be brutal just stern and out think them using their fear of being vulnerable to your best advantage all the while letting the animal realize on it's own that you have not harmed it just demanded it do as you asked...Ask first, then Suggest, then Demand... BRAVO to a fellow Horseman It is my pleasure to post comments of praise to your abilities and wisdom..

NH is constantly being shoved down my throat, and if you don't do it that way your often ostercized! When I watched your videos, I thought, "Yes that's it!" A combination of a few different approaches. I also loved the videos, they entertained me, educated me, and informed me that there IS another way! I've been so negative lately with these NH people around me "telling what not to do and to do", "giving opinions unsolicited", now.. where's the DVD??? Keep the videos coming!! You have truely touched my day in a positive way!!!

Thank you everybody! Please don't hesitate to send your feedback or questions.

To the top!