The TAP (and the HALF TAP) is a natural occurence in any horse, which Hybrid Horseman Paul Williamson has discovered and refined to be one of the more valuable tools for equine professionals to keep in their tool boxes for when that situation comes up, where the TAP is needed.

The TAP doesn’t harm the horse in any way when performed as directed by Paul Williamson and can be used to change the attitude of any horse and thus solve a variety of problems.

The TAP is basically laying a horse down to achieve an improvement in the communication between horse and handler. Laying horses down as an element of horse training is nothing new but doing so this particular way is. The TAP is laying a horse down without the use of ropes and restraints that could easily injure the horse and possibly the handler. By using hobbles to get the the horse down, the horse is forced to the ground, which often will result in panic. When performing the TAP, the horse is not only being naturally relaxed but it is also giving the horse the oppurtunity to decide to lie down and thus find it’s own way to the ground. Mentally this is also an advantage as the horse knows he didn't just fall or stumble but was guided down by a person. To perform the TAP all you need is a bridle with a full cheek snaffle bit and a roller plus the recommended safety gear for the handler.

The HALF TAP, which can be performed using only a bridle or just a halter, is a tool for use where you'd normally use a twitch or even drugs. Anyone can benefit from the positive effects of the HALF TAP as the technique is both safe and easy to use.

Recent studies show that horse riding is now the number one reason for sport associated fatalities in a number of countries - including Australia. Many of these accidents are caused by poorly trained horses and inadequate use of safety gear. A horse is a very large and lively animal and there’s always a very real chance of any horse turning out to be dangerous in an unexpected situation. A general lack of understanding of this as well as uneducated and over-confident horse handlers are sending way too many good horses to the slaughter house.

The revoulutionary TAP technique is being made available to the public to help prevent this. We feel that every horse trainer should have the opportunity to add this to his or her toolbox.

Being a horse trainer, your job and your mission is to prepare the horses in your care for the real world. You work to help them gain confidence in themselves and their riders and handlers so they can be calm and content as they take on the challenges of being a riding horse. You want them to be safe and obedient so they never put themselves in situations where someone might punish them or where they'll otherwise get hurt. But sooner or later you're bound to meet a horse that won't let you help him. A horse that refuses to believe that he can let you make decisions for him and he'll still be fine. This is the horse that would benefit from the TAP. The technique will prevent him from causing harm to himself and others and it will help him understand and accept that he can let a human take charge of any situation. Which will also make him a much happier and more harmonic horse because all it really does is to take a big load off his shoulders - the constant pressure of having to make all decisions yourself to survive. All horses thrive with a leader to guide them and protect them.

Read more about the TAP by visiting the TAP FAQ or purchasing the TAP Flash Drive or TAP Download from the SHOP. You can also see the TAP in use for free by visiting Paul's YouTube channel.