Paul Williamson (39) started riding aged 10 and quickly rose up through the ranks as one of the best thoroughbred riders today. Paul is a senior track rider and assistant trainer with Hong Kong racing legend David Hill in Singapore. Paul's non-aggressive approach and ability to "get the job done" has made him one of the Youtube's most popular trainers with more than 2,600 subscribers. Paul also picked up on a natural occurence that happens in all horses and turned it into one of the most valuable tools a horseperson can have in their tool box. He calls it The TAP.

Paul was 14 years old when he first started to work as a track rider at the Randwick Racecourse in the city of Sydney, where he was also born and raised. Not the tallest around and quick on his feet, he was the perfect jockey prospect. Paul determinatedly made it to apprentice jockey but decided his real interest lied in preparing the youngsters gently and carefully for the life on the racecource. In 1994, to pursue this dream, Paul relocated from Australia to Japan where he found and married his beautiful wife, Keiko. The pair now have two wonderful kids, Shane and Lemi. During this time, Paul has worked himself up through the ranks in the vast racing industry in Japan where he now owns his own business and is one of only a few senior elite riders at the world's biggest thouroughbred training center.

Paul and his approach is unique in the sense that he hasn't been taught conventionally; e.g. at the pony club, which has enabled him to think out of the box - something that has proved to be a breath of fresh air in a world of rules and limitations that have tied so many on their hands and feet. Also, what makes Paul such a remarkable horseman is not as much his skills and balance, which allows him to stick with and ride any horse as it is that he never looses his temper around the horses. Everything he does with the horses in his care is completely non-agressive and non-violent - if a situation arise where force is needed to protect the horse from itself, Paul will assess the situation and apply only as much as needed. Paul believes in making horse riding a safe and joyful experience for the horse and thus automatically the rider.

Paul loves a challenge and to this day has never refused to ride a horse considered dangerous or beyond help. All horses deserve a second chance. Paul enjoys the thrill of reaching goals using his own head rather than copying or following other methods or techniques that have been religiously used over the years. This not only keeps things original, it opens doors to finding new and improved ways that can work out to be easier for the horse and this is also the reason main behind the TAP discovery.