Hybrid Horsemanship is a common sense approach to horse riding developed by professional horse trainer Paul Williamson. Hybrid Horsemanship is short for a delicate blend of the best from Natural Horsemanship with a blast from the past in the form of the most gentle and effective old-school methods of horse training.

Hybrid Horsemanship is a completely non-aggressive and cleverly simplified approach to horses. There are no fancy gimmicks, no levels to complete, no must-haves, and no maps or charts. It’s entirely religion-free and based solely on the love of horses and horse riding with great emphasis on safety for both horse and rider.

The techniques of Hybrid Horsemanship are, however, aimed specifically at horse trainers and other professionals of the horse industry as many of the methods described require some experience with equine ethology as well as both confidence and determination. Beginners in the horse world also has every oppurtunity to benefit from the thoughts behind Hybrid Horsemanship as an introduction to the horse and it’s nature but are not advised to put the techniques to practical use. Please read the disclaimers carefully before attempting anything you learn here.

The reason why Hybrid Horsemanship is targeting equine professionals is that the methods are especially suited for those starting horses and those dealing with problem horses, the problems being e.g. rearing, bucking, bolting, head-tossing, stubbornness, and general respect issues under rider. No problem is too big or too small, if it’s a problem for you, it’s real enough and this is where you will be able get the advice and tools to fix it as we work on expanding the range of services and information provided.

A big part of Hybrid Horsemanship is the encouragement to think for yourself - BUT learning from established equine proffessionals and discussing horses with followers of other styles of horsemanship is advised and encouraged. It’s all about finding the approach that suits you as a person as well as the horses, you have in your care (afterall you're the one who knows them best) otherwise you will not have full effect of the training methods you’re attempting to utilize. If you’re not quite understanding what you’re trying to do there’s a pretty big chance that your horse won’t understand either. A confident horseman with clearly defined goals in mind shouldn't have problems showing his horses the right way, which is why your first goal as a horseman should not be training your horses but training yourself.

These days horse training is becoming more and more scientific and industrified, there's no end to the systems, charts, programs, rules, games, styles, etc. It seems that somewhere along the way we forgot that a horse - is just a horse. And that's not meant in a negative way, horses are magnificent animals but the beauty of the horse is that they're simple. Which is proved by the fact that any approach to horses can show amazing results as long as the handler is confident and has a goal. A happy and content horse is a horse who knows what he's supposed to do in any given situation. As horsemen it is our duty to shield our horses from fear, confusion, flight, hunger, thirst, weather, and sometimes boredom. And we do that by simply and gently showing them the way - never letting them doubt what is expected of them. This is part of what makes Hybrid Horsemanship different from the rest.

Apart from this web site, Paul Williamson is currently working on his first book about Hybrid Horsemanship as well as countless new explanatory and free movies about horses and horse training the Hybrid Horsemanship way. Keep checking back here for news and updates. Remember that you can email Paul anytime, just visit the CONTACT section of this site.